In the last decade, Bexar County invested $403 million dollars in roads, streets, and freeways throughout the county.  Nelson Wolff has been a leading thinker and advocate for dynamic multi-modal transportation solutions to accommodate population and economic growth.  He accelerated road projects, fought to limit toll lanes on 281 North, and allocated funding for projects smoothing travel all over the county.  Projections  estimate that in the next 20 years, half a million new cars will travel the roads in Bexar County.  Facing such high demand, Judge Wolff facilitated efforts with local and federal agencies to secure $1.2 billion in funding for future highway improvements.


  • Over the last decade, Bexar County has invested over $403 million of road and bridge improvements from both County Road and Bridge Funds as well as Advanced Transportation District funds.
  • The County, in coordination with the Texas Department of Transportation has accelerated road projects and increased mobility in the region by entering into six pass-through financing projects with the Texas Department of Transportation.
  • In Fiscal Year 2013-14 alone, Bexar County has committed over $21.4 million in new funding for roads to include improvements to Shaenfield Place subdivision, Steubing Road, Old FM 471 and Talley Road, Marshall Road, Bulverde Road Phase IV, Candlewood Phase I and Bulverde Road pedestrian amenities.

Precinct 1

  • Total Amount of Road Funding invested in Precinct 1 was over $114 million (both Local and ATD/TXDoT) over the last 10 years.
  • Heritage Park Phase III – Completed in 2011. Reconstructed the roadway, including sidewalks and drainage for 7 local streets totaling 1.25 miles totaling $1.9 million.
  • Big Country V – $5.2 million budget; The scope of work on this project includes the reconstruction of fourteen residential streets in the Big Country Subdivision located in west Bexar County. The streets are going to be reconstructed with an urban curb and gutter section, sidewalks, including ADA ramps and driveway approaches. The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has joint bid with Bexar County to adjust and/or replace existing services within the project limits.
  • FM 1957 – Potranco Road (ATD) – Pass-Through Finance Project will be reconstructed from Loop 1604 to SH 211. The proposed improvements will expand the existing two-lane rural roadway section to an urban roadway section consisting of one 11-foot and one 14-foot travel lane in each direction with a 14-foot raised center median within an 80’ ROW (Minimum). There are three cross drainage structures within these project limits located within the existing 100-year floodplain. F.M. 1957 Potranco Road is a budgeted project within the Advanced Transportation District and Texas Department of Transportation Multi-Year Projects Fund. Currently $55,600,000 is budgeted.

Precinct 2

  • Total amount of Road Funding invested in Precinct 2 totals over $64 million over the last 10 years (includes Local & ATD/TXDoT projects)
  • Shaenfield Road, from Loop 1604 to FM 1560. Completed in 2012. Full reconstruction of the roadway with two travel lanes in each direction and a 14-foot curbed center median, 6-foot sidewalks and necessary drainage totaling $5.4 million.
  • Galm Road -There are two low-water crossings within the project limits located within the existing 100-year floodplain, which are repeatedly closed during significant storm events. The flood control component of this project is the construction of two bridge spans, which will pass a 100-year storm event. The total estimated cost for Phase I and Phase 2 is over $13.9 million.
  • Steubing Road –The project will reconstruct Steubing Road, from FM 1560 to Shaenfield Road to include 4 ft. shoulders. The total estimated cost is $3 million.

Precinct 3

  • Bexar County invested over $65.9 million in road improvements over last decade (includes Local & ATD/TXDoT projects)
  • Bulverde Rd Phase I, from US 281 to Smithson Valley Road, removed the roadway from a flood plain. A project totaling $1.9 million, completed in 2011, reconstructed the road to include two lanes of traffic in each direction with turn lanes and 4 foot shoulders.
  • Boerne Stage Road Phase I – This project provides for the reconstruction of a portion of Boerne Stage Road to include two travel lanes, six foot shoulders and a continuous center turn median. Roadway reconstruction will provide unflooded access (25 years storm event) to the area residents and businesses. This project will require additional right-of-way reconstruction includes raising the roadway, improvements to the pavement section, increasing roadside bar ditch capacities, adding drainage system, and traffic signal upgrade. The total estimated cost of this project is $11.46 million (includes flood control funding)
  • Marshall Road – This project, from US 281 to Bulverde Road, will reconstruct and expand Marshall Road from 2 lanes to a 3-lane urban configuration with drainage improvements and pedestrian amenities. The total estimated cost of this project is $3.5 million.

Precinct 4

  • In Precinct 4, Bexar County has invested over $68.4 million in road improvements (includes Local & ATD/TXDoT projects)
  • Woodlake Parkway and Lakeview Dr. Completed in 2012. Reconstructed roadway along with ADA compliant sidewalks and wheelchair ramps, including drainage improvements totaling $7.8 million.
  • Glen Mont Drive – The project will rehabilitate the existing Glen Mont Drive two lane urban configuration by incorporating a new pavement section, concrete bus pads, necessary drainage, and pedestrian amenities within a 50’ ROW (typical). The total estimated cost of this project is $3 million.
  • Walzem Road – The proposed improvements, from Union Pacific Railroad to FM 78, will rehabilitate the existing five lane configuration by incorporating a new pavement section, bus pads, necessary drainage, and pedestrian amenities. The County has budgeted $2 million for this project.
  • Loop 1604 – This Pass-Through Finance Project will expand Loop 1604 from its existing two-lane configuration to a four-lane divided roadway from Loop 1604 East to IH 10 East. Signalized intersections are located at Lower Seguin Road, Autumn Run and Loop 1604 frontage. The estimated project totals $28.7 million.