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In the last decade, Bexar County invested $403 million dollars in roads, streets, and freeways throughout the county. Nelson Wolff has been a leading thinker and advocate for dynamic multi-modal transportation solutions to accommodate population and economic growth. He accelerated road projects, fought to limit toll lanes on 281 North, and allocated funding for projects smoothing travel all over the county.

Projections estimate that in the next 20 years, half a million new cars will travel the roads in Bexar County. Facing such high demand, Judge Wolff facilitated efforts with local and federal agencies to secure $1.2 billion in funding for future highway improvements.


Transportation for Today

Working with the Metropolitan Planning Foundation and the City of San Antonio, over the last four years, Judge Wolff and the Commissioners Court have fought hard to find $262 million for projects currently underway or recently completed.
In far western Bexar, we continue to find ways to connect growing neighborhoods to 1604. Along 1-10 on the far northern and eastern reaches in Bexar County, lane improvements and widening are underway, in some places 1-10 will be 8 lanes.

The US-281 North project involves the construction of non-toll General Purpose Lanes, HOV/Transit Lanes and frontage roads. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities will also be provided. Finally, by 2020 work should begin to build elevated lanes along IH-35 from just south of 410 to FM 3009. This should help commuters in the high-growth region.

Transportation for the Future

In 20 years, 1 million more people will live in Bexar County. San Antonio was recently named the fastest growing big city in America. We have to get to work on future-proof solutions to make sure we are not all stuck in traffic.

Judge Wolff is very focused on innovative trackless transit and multi-modal mobility for the future. This means rapid transit in dedicated lanes, making fewer stops and building space for HOV and driverless cars. Beyond mass transit, there is private micro transit moving people around neighborhoods or delivering them to rapid transit stops. To consider all of these options, Bexar County has appointed young tech-savvy members to the VIA board to find new solutions to growing congestion issues.

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