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Bexar County Safety & Flood Control

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of the citizens of Bexar County. Over the past ten years, we have increased the number of Budget Law Enforcement Personnel by 40% and have more than doubled the Law Enforcement Budget.

Additionally, Bexar County implemented the High Water Alert Lifesaving Technology (HALT) Program by installing 52 new low-water crossing alert systems throughout the county to prevent drowning of motorists during local floods.


Flood Control Projects

The Bexar County Flood Control Program has been a decade-long program of 60 capital and improvement projects. The vast majority of these 60 projects are completed. An interactive map of all flood control projects is here.

The HALT system: High-water Alert Lifesaving Technology is now active across the three most flood prone quadrants of Bexar County. When waters rise, signals are sent triggering gates, flashing lights and signals automatically or by County staff.

Additional flood control projects to be completed include an underground system along Hillcrest in the Woodlawn neighborhood and structural improvements to low water crossing along Classen Road.

Public Safety

Public safety is the County’s top priority. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office will open two new substations on Cagnon Road near 1604 and at 1604 and Rocket Lane. These facilities will facilitate better services for all Bexar County residents.

Judge Wolf believes that taking an innovative and more humane approach to law enforcement increases public safety and saves money. Bexar County is building a 500-bed jail scheduled to open in the fall of 2018

On the first floor of the new jail, arrestees will have access to mental and physical health care and public defenders. The DA will take the arrestee before a magistrate who may let them out on personal recognizance bond or a bail bond. Only if an arrestee is disruptive during detention or ordered to be held by a magistrate will they be held behind bars for any period of time. This new intake system means sheriff’s deputies spend less time at the jail doing paperwork and more time on the street patrolling.

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